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Friday, October 8, 2010

These Are a Few of my Favorite Things

I stumbled apon this picture browsing for steampunk wallpapers and almost squealed in the middle of my math class.

If this doesn't warm your soul, you are heartless and live under a rock.  Dr. Who is one of my favorite shows and the Daleks are just begging to be steampunked.  it's nice to know great minds think alike.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Word From A Fellow Steampunk Blogger

Why Steampunk?

Why not?  What I mean by that, is “WHY NOT” is what Steampunk is all about.  The basic concept for Steampunk started with the Victorian aesthetic and science fiction based on the power source of that time period, steam.  From there it has grown and now includes pretty much all times and places in human history!  If you can imagine it, you can do it.  In my own opinion, anything that uses a primary power source of any given time and place in history (real or made up) to make a science fiction character qualifies as Steampunk!

Steampunk is all about DIY (Do It Yourself).  Costuming, creating a character to embody, modifications of toy “weapons” and anything else that goes into cosplay (costume play) are a big part of the Steampunks’ life.  Many of us also focus on creating art, fiction, and “inventions” that fit with our own chosen time and place.  The very idea of DIY is also a big part of Steampunk… most of us have characters that have to make, cobble, or even “borrow” the technology that is the science fiction part of our accoutrements, so we make our own items in real life and in the life of our alter-egos.

Steampunk is not LARPING but it is living art.  Many of us get dressed up as our alter egos for events ranging from conventions to picnics to parties and more.  We have been known to “invade” a town by simply showing up in large numbers and making a day of it.  Steampunk gatherings are often during the day on weekends, substance free, and open to all ages.  People who participate range from infant to elderly but are mostly late teens to early 40’s.  Involvement is also a great reason to learn more about anything that interests you… I have found myself looking up the history of batteries, what an Indian Sari is made from, what glues are best used on certain materials, Newsies, and so much, much more!If you like Cosplay, history, sci-fi, art, literature, science, and getting to know  intelligent and funny people, take a look online at the many Steampunk references available and see if  you may just want to get involved.

Thanks for reading this!
-Jocelyn Stengel-Ahern -
AKA Miss Anne  Thrope      

My fellow steampunker and costuming veteran Jocelyn Stengel Ahern, AKA Miss Anne Thrope has written a lovely essay about steampunk, which sums up my love of the genre so perfectly, I just had to share.

Her blog can be found here:

Give her lots of love and enjoy her blog!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Casual Steampunk Fridays 10/01/10

So, as much as I love the super fancy complex and ornate costumes involed with steampunk, sometimes you just can't wear a full length dress and corset to school or work without being scolded by significant folks in your life.  So, on a weekly basis, I am going to feature casual everyday clothing with a real steampunk feel, both from my own wardrobe, the internet and my friends in the steampunk comunity.  If you have a picture you want to send me, I may just feture you in one of my posts!

Today's entry:

So, I'm gonna deconstruct my own wardrobe a little this  time around.  I don't have any pictures, but I'll try to get some up next Friday for you.

Necesary Wardrobe Pieces: 

Having a bunch of vests is a super useful and simple way to get a little steampunk flair into your outfit.  I have 4, two black, one brown and one grey, and due to their various cuts and styles, they can be worn with almost anything.  They also are great for costume building, but they have a great casual feel for everyday wear.

Having a few awesome coats is a delightful experience.  I have a cute courduroy top that I love to wear both with an outfit and just by itself and a more dressy black half top with long sleeves that looks similar to a horse back riders jacket.  Both of these can be dressed up or down and have a great feel too them.

From hats to jewelrey, the small things are really key to a steampunk feel.  I have pins, earrings, and hats that can all be worn with everyday cloths for a little bit of flair in an outfit.  As long as you're subtle, most people won't think your in a costume, but anyone who is a participant in the steampunk subculture, or even has a basic idea of steampunk, will beable to pick out your pieces.  I find nopthing is more satifying than a person giving you a knowing smile when  they see something they recognise in your clothing.

Now, there are plenty of other routes you can take with your casual outfit.  Later, I will be featuring steampunk graphic T-shirts, as well as everyday bags, boots and jewelry.  This is just a launching point, and I hope this will get more specific as this blog goes on.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Not Remotely Steampunk

Now, I've talked a little bit about what I think steampunk is, and now I leave you with the following gem of a thread from Regretsy, a great site forever proving that just because it can be made, doesn't mean it should be.

And that, is Not Remotely Steampunk.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Prop Update and the Beginnings of a New Outfit!!

Well, I finally finished my gun for my Captain costume and am very proud of it, seeing as it's completely mine, from design to painting.  I will admit that it was just a modified water gun, but I'm proud of it, nonetheless.

And here's the beginnings of the outfit it goes with.  Yes, I have multiple outfits and hope to move more towards a completely steampunk wardrobe for both fancy and everyday wear.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just Bought!!

So I wanted to share my new stuff in my last post, but then it glitched out so I had to put it here:

My new Ray gun: Bouught on Etsy!

New Ear piece by the same folks who did my gun.

There is also a great skeleton key from Ebay, bringing my grant total of keys to 4 and a really cool new pair of goggles in silver and brass.  There will be new pictures of my outfit once all the new pieces come together.

My Outfit

Before I jump into other folks outfits, I wanted to show off my own.  Please note that I am a modifier, not a maker, so if it's awesome I probably did no more than give it a couple coat of paint.

<======== My beautiful self.  This was taken is Salem, MA, during The 2010 Steampunk Invasion of Salem.  I was playing croquet with the Emperor, The Baron, the Professor, the General and a travelling gypsy.  It was very awesome.

Interesting Pieces:

My earring.  You can't see it in the photos above, but I love it!

My wrist 'Time Machine'.  I was bored and had a cool calculator and painted it.  The crochet was done by a dear friend of mine, Hillary, who is nothing short of awesome.